A Complete Checklist For Planning Your Casino Party

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Are you planning a corporate or private casino party? There’s no doubt that planning, managing, and executing the entire idea of a fun-themed party is a bit tricky job, and you would definitely desire to impress your guests with fancy customized ideas.

With high-quality casino tables and expert customer service, we at Best Houston Casino Parties separate ourselves from competitors. To help you out, we have written down a complete checklist needed for planning your casino party.

A. Planning Stage:

Choose a date and time - Set a date and time. To help ensure good attendance, avoid other large planned events.

Consider guest count - Estimate the number of guests. Inviting a set number of guests or using registrations makes this number easy to estimate. To aid in planning, early RSVPs and registrations can help.

Select venue - You can’t have a successful party without the right venue. Do your research and take your time figuring out the venue of your choice based on the number of guests it can hold and the permissions they allow.

Consider other entertainment or activities - Keep guests entertained throughout the casino night by providing some form of entertainment other than the rented casino games. Most clients add a DJ and sound system during their Casino Party to increase the overall ambience of the night.

Rent casino tables and dealers - Rent out casino tables and hire trained dealers. Figure out which type of casino games you want and how many. Make sure that the dealers at the casino games tables are professionals and know how to explain the game to any novice gambler guests.

Choose a set-up style for the room - Find an appropriate casino set-up for the room. Knowing which casino games and how many games will be rented will help determine how much space you will need for your event.

Determine how to handle winnings - Prizes can go to the big winner, top three winners, or you can obtain raffle tickets for a prize drawing. Consolation prizes are also an option.

Purchase prizes for winners - Prizes certainly help keep guests interested. Ensure you buy a good amount of prizes for the winners and for any other entertainment or games that might happen.

Share venue contact details with your casino provider - Your casino provider will need to get in touch with the people from the venue you have decided on so as to figure out details and confirm certain information.

Provide casino provider with layout - You will need to provide the casino provider with the layout of the venue so that they can map out a plan on where to place the tables and any other furniture that they might need.

B. Party phase:

Have a point of contact - You need to make sure that a venue contact or a delegate is present to direct vendors to their designated area during the party set-up. Your event coordinator will have to work diligently with all moving pieces to make sure your needs are properly executed.

Set decorations if needed - After the casino provider has completed their set-up, it is now time to decorate the venue with bits and bobs. Decorations are important for a casino-themed party. You should go with decorations that reflect your theme.

Final checks - Once everything is set in place, you need to personally go around to do the final checks and changes before the guests arrive. Pay close attention to details and if there are any last-minute issues, ensure you have a proper plan in place to deal with them.

Guest arrival - The guests will now start arriving at the predetermined time. Allow for a certain amount of time so that the guests can mingle around before starting up the tables. This is the time to serve snacks and inform them about the happenings of the event.

Enjoy the event! - Never allow your emotions to control you. If something is not going according to what you have planned, don’t panic; rather think of a solution. Remember, there is always a Plan B, so if one thing isn’t working out, you should try something else. Make sure you, along with your guests, make the most of the beautiful event you have orchestrated.

C. Post-event phase:

Thank guests for coming - Do not forget to thank all the guests attending the party. Congratulate the winners and talk about some fun moments that happened during the duration of the party.

Clean-up and load the car with items - After the guests leave, make sure you properly clean up the venue and load up all the decorations and other rented props back into the vehicles safely.

Gratuities for vendors - Do not forget to thank the various vendors and give them a parting gift to thank them for their contribution to making the event successful.

Vendors loading out - Ensure that the vendors have all their wares and furniture used for their set-up is safely back in their vehicles. Insist they do a final count and confirm it with you before leaving the venue.

Final check of space before leaving - Do a last and final check to see if you or any vendor or guest has left behind any personal items at the venue. If you find anything, ensure you keep it safe and inform the person that it belongs to about it.

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